Discover and explore a tailor-made training panel, designed to make you operational and efficient in order to have an impact in society.

computer maintenance

Become a professional repairer of any type of computer equipment. Our multi-phase training program designed and designed to combine theory with practice will enable you to acquire the methodology and know-how needed to repair a hardware failure and provide an effective solution.

Graphic Design

You have a creative mind, you want to be a digital project player, so this training is for you. Graphic design has become a major part of digital project realization, with the advent of the concept of UI and UX designer. We offer you the necessary to choose your way in this flourishing field of the digital industry UI et UX designerWe offer you the necessary to choose your way in this flourishing field of the digital industry

Mobile application development

Mobile applications have become important players for the digital transformation of companies at present, we are at a time when mobility is in order, what's more normal then to master this communication platform and all opportunities for innovation who are present. Become an expert in mobile application development on all platforms and any type of mobile device. Develop applications for the platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone
  • iWatch
  • Android watch

Community Management

In the 21st century, to exist on the Internet is simply to exist, there exists a multitude of platforms on which companies and individuals meet and exchange, an organization and an efficient and professional management of all these platforms and the writing of effective content is the responsibility of the community manager. Learn and master the concepts and secrets of this modern art of the times.

Embedded system electronics.

Learn and master the contours of board and IOT systems and carve a place in a world in perpetual evolution. You will learn advanced electronic systems technologies to express your creative potential and solve the problems faced by today's societies around the world.

Web development

Web technologies have become unavoidable at present, each company, whether large or small, needs at one time or another a representation on the internet, yes! because a website is the headquarters or digital of a company on the web. Train and be the key player in this digital presence. Learn the latest technologies from the web such as:

  • SPAs with Angular, Vue.JS and React
  • Websockets
  • Web components
  • And many others
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